Onslaught 1.0 is a first person shooter where you have to stop an invasion
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Onslaught 1.0 is a first person shooter where you have to stop an invasion.
You´re at the beach, and your mission is to stop the enemy invasion. For achieving this, you must kill everyone coming your way. You begin shooting ships, that need to be hit several times to be sunk, and then the soldiers that would emerge from the ships, if they can reach the coast.

You have a gun that must be used against every enemy. If they reach your position, they can throw your their grenades. After a few impacts, you´re dead.

As you advance in the game, new items will appear. You´ll see a running and screaming Pacman that crosses the beach. Kill him. The ships will begin to carry tanks, that will be harder to destroy than the soldiers. Aeroplanes will appear, as they fly towards you they will shoot their chainguns and missiles.

Your gun has an aim to help you point it correctly. You move your gun with your mouse, and you fire it with your left mouse button or the spacebar.

Your enemies will appear in waves.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a good game, with nice graphics and realistic sound


  • Very violent, with unnecessary blood. You get tired soon
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